Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Humor Backgrounds Funny Wallpapers

Funny desktop hd wallpaper with a turtle dressed as a delicious hamburger with cheese and tomato

Humor background for pc with dancing carrots in the kitchen

Funny wallpaper with a big girl in a city with a airplane in her hand and buildings falling down

Funny desktop hd wallpaper with a couple and their dog watching a crime scene 

Black background for pc with two big gray elephants pulling a blue car

Funny desktop hd wallpaper with a picture of an octopus with big eyes smoking a cigar

Fun wallpaper with young people on the beach and an dragon breathing fire with full moon

Green background for computer with a brunette girl in pink lingerie cutting a leave from her "tree"

Hilarious black desktop wallpaper with the evolution from monkey to human

Funny black background with the text"404 Desktop not found"

Great desktop wallpaper with a huge wedding cake with the bride murdered

Funny wallpaper from the green monster Shrek with a DVD

Humor wallpaper with a cat and a fish bowl on the kitchen table

Funny background picture with a man and woman enjoying the sun from the mouth of a shark

Great funny desktop hd wallpaper with a dog dressed as bread

Black wallpaper with a picture of a skeleton walking his dog

Funny wallpaper with a blonde girl hanging her photo on the washing line with pegs

Funny background with a heavy metal star in the forest making noise while the wulfs are crying with him

Adorable desktop wallpaper with a picture of a dog playing piano

Funny picture with a man peeling apples with a huge sword

Humor desktop hd wallpaper with a photo of many women on a row and one girl riding on a motor bike

Funny wallpaper with a computer mouse cooling down in a glas of water

Funny picture with a guy who gives his money tree water

Funny desktop wallpaper with a robot light bulb in the wall socket

Funny background with a photo of a pretty girl in a school class and the text "Hell Yes!" on the school board

Funny wallpaper for pc with a sheep and a traffic sign with a blue bird on it

Nice funny deskto phd wallpaper with an ant walking over hills made of sugar lumps

Funny wallpaper with a dog stuck in the cat flap, and a cat with his tail in pink paint
Beware of the dog! This funny wallpaper shows a dog dressed as tank with a big gun 
Funny desktop picture with a big black bomb with eyes, and a box of matches next to it

Funny desktop background for computer with a huge brown bear on top of a mountain and a footp

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